Nazi War Criminal In Quandary Over World Cup Final Loyalty


Grost pictured in happier times in July 1944


A notorious Nazi war criminal who escaped justice by fleeing to Argentina after the second world war ended, has expressed mixed feelings with regard to his preference as to the outcome of Sunday’s world cup final between his adopted nation, and Germany, the country of his birth.

Miguel De La Concepcion, formerly Helmut Grost, now aged 97, was charged with crimes against humanity and was convicted in his absence at The Nuremburg Trials in 1945 where he was sentence to be hanged.

Speaking from his comfortable bungalow on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, he told our reporter “I’m absolutely torn to be honest with you. On the one hand I swore allegiance to The Third Reich and spent many happy years organising pogroms against the Jews and persecuting the sub-human Slavic dogs before the war. I was also one of Hitler’s most trusted aides and a co-conspirator  when the party devised  The Final Solution. On the other hand Argentina has become a second home to me through the years and I’m pretty loathe to root for their opponents so to speak. To be honest I’m tempted to give the game a miss and just have a quiet game of cards with Dr Mengele and The Beast Of Belsen instead”

Press Association


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4 responses to “Nazi War Criminal In Quandary Over World Cup Final Loyalty

  1. Fuckin’ Nazis. I hate fuckin’ Nazis. They’re too old to fuck.


  2. One can only be thankful that Poland never made the finals – the pitch invasion would have been a sight to behold! Moreover had what ever his name is aka the English referee would have had a ‘piece of paper’ in his hand instead of a red card.



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