Stayin’ In Shape The Guantanamo Way With Sugar Boy Al Mugrahi

I noticed the other day that some of you guys were carryin’ a little extra “timber” around. Must be all that sittin’ on yo candy asses bloggin’ and shit like dat I guess.
Well you listen up to ole Sugar Boy Al and maybe you too can have an incarcerated body like his!

The League of Mental Men!


A Guantanamo gym junkie demonstrates perfect form as he completes a gruelling set of hyper-extensions on the way to The Dungeon Of No Return.

Hey fellow detainees! Now just because those yankee infidel sonsofbitches have got your jihadi ass in the slammer that don’t mean you have to let yourself go in the fitness stakes my brothers! Hell no, and this here’s a simple and compact little workout that’s gonna keep you ripped and looking like a million bucks during those naked torture sessions time after time!

Ok here we go boys:

1 – Attack dog curls. When those yankee fucks release a couple of starving German Shepherds into your cell late at night just grab those babies by the collar and slowly curl ’em up to shoulder height, hold and squeeze the bicep at the top of the movement and then lower. 3 sets of 8 reps and those bicep and…

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