American Planes Bomb Thames Rowing Boat

kenny everett

“OK limeys, now hear this. Shit happens. So get over it why doncha?”


Reports are coming in that a number of US fighter bombers have attacked and sunk a small rowing boat on The River Thames at Oxford. The boat, manned by 8 members of The Oxford University reserve rowing crew, known as Isis, was completely destroyed with all hands lost in what is believed to be a bungled attempt to kill a group of Islamic insurgents in the small town of Tikrit, 40 miles north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

A spokesman for The United States Air Force responded in bullish fashion when told of the mix up last night.

“A limey boat crew taken out you say? Well how the hell were we supposed to know? Goddamn it what are these dumb sonsofbitches doing naming themselves after a bunch of no good jihadist fucks anyways? If you ask me they got no more than they deserved!”

This latest incident comes just a few days after a US Navy destroyer torpedoed a 23 year old British woman holidaymaker who was snorkling off the coast of Israel, claiming they thought she was a Palestinian nuclear submarine.


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3 responses to “American Planes Bomb Thames Rowing Boat

  1. Pierre Lagacé

    No need to send me a check for this comment…

    I am missing something here to fully appreciate this post.

    What did they name their boat for?
    Is Isis a word related to what you know I can’t write that word here for fear of retaliation?

    By the way… love the Palestinian nuclear submarine anecdote.


    • sozsatire

      Ah you need to be steeped in the ancient lore of English university rowing to understand this one Pierre. Isis is the name given to one of the Cambridge University boat crews that compete against Oxford in the famous Boat Race held annually on The Thames.
      Now go in peace and amaze your friends with your knowledge of English tradition 🙂



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