Soz Satire’s TV Choice #780


Lifetime TV 22.30 – The Linda McCartney Story

Short film explaining how a perfectly pleasant, but rather musically limited woman, came to play the tambourine in a number of videos alongside a world renowned pop legend.


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2 responses to “Soz Satire’s TV Choice #780

  1. 🙂 TV Wonderwoman Linda first came to mind. But I realized she didn’t play the tambourine. Finally remembered Paul. 10 minutes staring at this post wondering who the heck this person is. I have time on my hands.

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  2. sozsatire

    The thought that I’ve brought consternation and confusion into your life for 10 minutes is honey-sweet balm to my satirical heart to be brutally harsh Ms 95. If I were you I’d spin round quickly on the spot, turn into an Amazonian female crime-buster and punch me right in the middle of my face!



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