Dorking Woman Finds Face Of Khruschev In Cornflake Residue


Khruschev pictured during The Cuban Missile Crisis telling the Russian people that the capitalist hyenas don’t like it up em.


A 43 year old woman from the sleepy backwater of Dorking in Surrey claims to have seen the face of  former Cold War president of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khruschev, in the Cornflakes residue at the bottom of her cereal bowl last Tuesday morning.

Mrs Mary Cleese,  a school dinner lady, told reporters. “It came as a complete surprise to find the face of the former Soviet strongman in the bottom of my Cornflakes bowl. There’s absolutely no doubt it was him though and if I hadn’t rinsed the bowl under the tap shortly afterwards I’d have taken a picture to prove it”

Mrs Cleese’s claim comes just days after a vicar’s wife from nearby Guildford reported seeing the profile of United Kingdom Independence Party leader, Nigel Farage in a large gob of her husband’s ejaculate.





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5 responses to “Dorking Woman Finds Face Of Khruschev In Cornflake Residue

  1. My mother-in-law, blind from birth, once felt a number of elephant men in a bunch of bananas.


  2. That last line is priceless. 😀



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