Stoning To Be Taught At London Primary School


A group of nervous youngsters pictured waiting for exam results last night


Controversial inner London primary school, Olive Tree Primary, in Lewisham, South East London, have announced plans to instruct pupils in the rudiments of public stoning as part of the curriculum for 2015.

The school, which has been in the news recently  following complaints from parents that the school library contains  Islamic fundamentalist propaganda, have come out in defence of the move.

Speaking outside the school gates, headmaster Saeed Muhammed, 79, told us “We strongly believe that we have a duty to furnish our youngsters with the facts and the correct procedure with regard to carrying out public executions. The lessons will be available to boys only at this time but we do plan to introduce female genital mutilation tuition for girl pupils in the not too distant future.

South London Press

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