The Soz Satire I’m A Sinister Nosy F****r Award

ugly man


Hi fellow blogger!

I have carefully singled out your wonderful blog from literally millions of other WordPress offerings because I find it so:  insightful/poetic/interesting/riveting/searingly erotic/moving/well-written etc for the prestigious Soz Satire IASNF Award.

In so doing I’m naturally assuming that you’re a gullible, desperate fuckwit of heroic proportions with nothing better to do all day than answer a shedload of personal questions about yourself which I can then pass on to other people of a similar tragi-comic ilk who will also take up the gauntlet in the risible belief that their utterly unremarkable blog is of any interest to any other fucker whatsoever.

I would therefore greatly appreciate it if you would put your life on hold for hours on bastard end so that I, and myriad other nosey, two bob arseoles can know your intimate details and pass them on to anyone who can afford a second hand laptop or has stolen and unlocked somebody else’s phone.

Disclaimer: I am probably the young, attractive, friendly, interesting man/woman I claim to be and not a 70 year old Halibut fisherman/woman from Grimsby with a string of convictions for masturbating through my trousers/big pants, on railway station platforms and I promise not to send you pictures of my rather unimpressive little shrivelled nob/tired old growler just a few days after making contact.

All the very best from your most ardent admirer

Insert laughably fictitious name here and pass it on ……









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10 responses to “The Soz Satire I’m A Sinister Nosy F****r Award

  1. You won’t get too many bods liking this one Clivey old son. It’ll be greeted with a kind of sullen, self-recriminatory silence. A bit like that other one where you ripped the piss out of the WP community, Sicko Fant was it? Tut tut. 🙂

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  2. Brave satire takes no prisoners – that is the way it should be. Yours, The Wretched Cowardly Fish Gutter from Grimby aka Brian Nicebloke, Dorking

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    • sozsatire

      I know I can be a tetchy bleeder sometimes St Michael but these nosey fuckers get right on my sweet threepenny bits! What concern is it of their’s what size my plates of meat are or whether I worship Allah The Merciful while rubbing me nob up and down a lamp post? PFFFFFFFT!


  3. You’re getting a bouquet of five, buddy. 🙂

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    • sozsatire

      Infamy!…Infamy!…You’ve all got it in fer me! 🙂


    • sozsatire

      Good luck with that Tiger. A beautiful girl said to me the other day “You’re not really cut out for this social networking stuff are you?”
      If she hadn’t been so pretty and with a smile that could break a big man’s heart at 200 paces I’d have knocked her teeth down her throat for that 😛


  4. Is that you in the photo, olive?

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    • sozsatire

      Yes. Yes as a matter of fact it is. Of course it was taken a good few years back and unfortunately my hair and teeth are nowhere near as good these days. It’s the march of time I guess. We all have to come to terms with losing our looks eventually 😦



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