Polish Armed Forces On Full Alert As UKIP Voter Orders Tiger Tank Online

tiger tank

Mr Robertson-Smythe and friends pictured rumbling into Dorking last night.


Polish troops were mobilised and put on full alert last night as reports came in that a United Kingdom Independence Party supporter had placed an order for a decommissioned World War II German Tiger Tank.

Polish Defence Minister Lech Vorzinsky told waiting reporters  “It’s probably nothing but you can’t be too careful can you? After all look what happened the last time”

The man who ordered the tank, Rupert Robertson-Smythe, a 56 year old arc welder from Kingston, Surrey and a long time supporter of the far right movement was unrepentant when told of the furore.

“Talk about over-reaction! I haven’t even annexed The Sudentenland yet!”



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4 responses to “Polish Armed Forces On Full Alert As UKIP Voter Orders Tiger Tank Online

  1. Reblogged this on mikesteeden and commented:
    On a shameful day for the UK my good friend Lord Daniel Soz restores – for once – a degree of sanity via the vehicle of sublime satire.


    • sozsatire

      Don’t mention “vehicles” mate. If this gets out half of these swivel-eyed fruitcakes will be blitzing their Paypal accounts for Heinkels and Doddlebugs!

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  2. this time, my money’s on the Poles


    • sozsatire

      That’s very astute of you Paul. Now if you’ll just send me your stake money and your credit card details I shall make sure your investment is made with all due speed. 😉



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