Iranian Woman Faces 100 Lashes For Walking Around Eating Cheese Triangle

cheese triangles

A number of cheese triangles pictured last night shortly before giving a woman big tits.


Humanitarian groups were dismayed last night as news broke that a 23 year old unmarried Tehrani woman faces a public flogging after being spotted walking to work eating a Dairylea Cheese Triangle in flagrant breech of Iranian law.

A government spokesman told reporters “This woman’s actions were both brazen and un-Islamic. It is forbidden by law for any woman to eat in public, particularly when she is in transit between one place and another.

“It is quite clear that this female was wantonly attempting to enhance the curves of her body by combining a high protein snack with gentle exercise.

“We have informed her father and her uncles of our decision and  and they have agreed to stone her to death immediately after her release from prison following her punishment”

This latest decision will shock human rights activists already reeling from the news that a Saudi Arabian woman has had her jaws screwed together following a back seat driving incident involving herself and her husband.


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4 responses to “Iranian Woman Faces 100 Lashes For Walking Around Eating Cheese Triangle

  1. If I visit Tehran I’ll be sure to leave the dairy leas at home. Though no doubt it is probably okay for males like myself to eat in public, unless it is a bacon sandwich of course. Seems like a perfect guerilla marketing opportunity for dairy lea.


    • sozsatire

      Firstly, thank you for your “like” and your observations sir.
      Secondly, I am the titular CEO of Dairylea Foods Ltd and would like to take this opportunity to scotch the scurrilous rumour that I will go to any lengths to draw attention to our delicious and nutritious product.


  2. 100 lashes?

    Quite right, too. Let eating cheese triangles in public go unpunished and this could be the thin edge of the wedge that leads to all sorts of deviant behaviour. Before you know it, the brazen hussies ‘ll be eating twiglets in public 😯


    • sozsatire

      Couldn’t agree more sir! What this country, and indeed, the whole of Europe needs, is a political swing to the far right. That would sort these trollops out once and for all!
      Of course it will never happen in our lifetimes old boy 😦



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