Hold The Front Bottom! A Short Film by Soz Satire

drag queens

Mike and Gaz pictured leaving the Soz building last night

Soz Satire cub reporters and firm friends, Mike Steeden and Gary Hoadley, are summoned to my office for a good dressing down.
Little did I realise that they’d already had one. Click on the link below for the rather upsetting details 😦




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9 responses to “Hold The Front Bottom! A Short Film by Soz Satire

  1. I always wanted to be a spinner! At last my chance. Maybe a dream fulfilled; maybe be Bollywood upon my retirement from the Test team; Who knows?


  2. Hahaha! This is funnier because I know Hindi and actually understand what they’re saying in the clip :D:D


  3. This was mildly disturbing, but in a good way! Btw I like your new site layout…it’s more pleasing on the eyes like this.


    • If it was mildly disturbing to you how do you think Mike and Gary felt? 😉
      Glad you like the new template my friend. It looks more “newsy” if that’s the right word.
      Anyway it was free and that’s all that matters at the end of the day 😀


  4. garyhoadley

    It was very disturbing. I had the vicar round asking
    all sorts of questions…



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