Urugyuan Government Forget To Legalise Marijuana.

Mr Gomez, pictured leaving his office last night.

There was widespread concern throughout the South American country of Uruguay last night after it was revealed that the proposed move to legalise the sale and distribution of Marijuana had fallen through when ministers forgot to introduce the bill into parliament.

The Minister For The Interior, Juan Ignacio Gomez, spoke to reporters from outside his offices in Montevideo last night.

“Hahahahaha heeheehee HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! Damn this is really good shit man! Hahahahahahaaaaaaa! Have any of you guys got any Cheesy Puffs? You know what? I really love you guys! Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa! Why is everybody staring at me? Are you guys like zombies or something?”

This development comes just weeks after the Bolivian government failed to deliver the proposed legislation to legalise heroin when the entire cabinet were found dead in the toilet.

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5 responses to “Urugyuan Government Forget To Legalise Marijuana.

  1. Wow man that’s heavy.


  2. “when the entire cabinet were found dead in the toilet”
    Love it!



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