Indecent Exposure Spree In City Of Metropolis: Journalist Held.

Kent pictured giving evidence in court yesterday.

A senior crime reporter on a well-respected local newspaper has been arrested and charged with gross indecency following a spate of complaints from the public about a man being seen removing his clothing in phone booths dotted around the city of Metropolis.

Clark Kent 27 originally from Smallville, Oklahoma, but now living and working in Metropolis on The Daily Planet newspaper, was apprehended by a passing cop who claims to have spotted him ripping open his shirt in what he described as an “extremely frenzied manner” inside a public phone booth adjacent to The Planet’s office building last Wednesday.

Officer William O Hara, 34, stated in court that Kent was “acting in a very agitated manner” and that when questioned he claimed to be the mild mannered alter ego of Metropolis hero and “Man Of Steel”, Superman, and that he was only using the phone box so that he could change into his super hero costume before flying off at super speed with one arm outstretched and one trailing behind. He claimed to be on his way to intercept a flaming meteor that was screaming through space on a collision course with Earth, having been dislodged from it’s customary orbit by his nemesis and arch villain, Lex Luther, who’d fired some kind of big ray gun at it from his attic.

When asked by prosecuting council why the catastrophe he’d forecast hadn’t  come to pass, Kent replied that he’d melted the bars of his cell using his heat vision, and then having escaped, had flown towards the speeding rock and caught it with both hands above his head before dropping it harmlessly in the sea.

The case continues.

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3 responses to “Indecent Exposure Spree In City Of Metropolis: Journalist Held.

  1. You really ought to have seen Shirley transform into Wonder Woman in the Food Hall at our local M&S. That was, Sir, I sight for sore eyes. Whatever, another gem!


  2. A

    Are you telling me that Kent and Superman are one and the same!? I mean, how can that be? One of ’em has glasses! And the other one…does not have glasses. I need to sit down…



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