General Medical Council Accused Of Witch Hunt As Dr Watson Is Struck Off

Former patients of Dr Watson angrily protesting his innocence outside the GMC offices last night.



The British Medical Association are claiming that their members are being unfairly targeted following the recent furore surrounding the posthumous striking off of Sherlock Holmes loyal companion, Dr John H Watson, from The Medical Register last week.

 Watson’s track record as a GP was examined by the General Medical Council after a number of aggrieved relatives came forward claiming that he’d been guilty of gross negligence whilst treating their forebears in the 1880s, due largely to the fact that he was constantly absent from his London surgery owing to his frequent adventures with the famous Baker Street sleuth, and that he’d often miss house calls to go wandering around bleak moorland in search of spectral hounds and would even give patients the wrong medicine after becoming preoccupied with plotting the downfall of Holmes’s arch nemesis Moriarty.

 Since the investigation a number of other relatives have come forward with similar complaints aimed at a variety of physicians, including Dr Fu Man Chu, Dr Jekyll, and Doctor Doom out of Marvel Comics.

 A spokesman for the BMA told reporters. “Whilst we realise that Watson was a pretty dismal physician, and perhaps would have been better suited to a career at Scotland Yard, my colleagues and I feel very strongly that there’s been an almost unhealthy zeal about the way the media has handled this business which quite frankly borders on hysteria. People’s lives and careers are at stake here and immense care has to be taken to ensure that only the guilty are brought to book.”

Fresh rumours were  ignited last night as the Twitter social networking site was swamped by an avalanche of tweets, making thus far, unfounded allegations and complaints about Dr Josef Mengele, dubbed The Angel Of Death, who, it is alleged, conducted a number of macabre and grotesque experiments on concentration camp prisoners during the second world war.

 His great grandson Herman Mengele strongly defended his grandfather last night saying. “He may well have experimented on helpless camp internees but he didn’t want to do it, Hitler forced him into it.. He wanted to let them off!”

We tried to speak to a local GP to obtain his views on the matter but his receptionist told us that he was far too busy, no matter how sick we were, and slammed the phone down.



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7 responses to “General Medical Council Accused Of Witch Hunt As Dr Watson Is Struck Off

  1. I’ve tried to post two comments thus far and it seems they are lost into the ether. So for the third time ‘Great stuff!’


  2. Would this be the same Dr. Watson who helps you troubleshoot problems on your computer? Cause in that case I can say he is definitely one of the worst doctors ever. I know, because I used to be a patient of his, before he mysteriously disappeared when Windows 7 came out. Sorry for adding to the hysteria, but if this is indeed the same Dr. Watson, I’m inclined to add to the controversy surrounding his persona.


    • The very same sir! In fact he once visited my grandmother while she was on a life support machine. He switched it off, waited 10 seconds, then switched it on again before asking her if she felt any better 😉


  3. Me

    Apparently Dr Dre believes that it’s “Nuthin’ but a G Thang” whatever that’s supposed to mean…



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