Pro-Cannabis MP Forgets To Attend Parliament

Mr Hanratty pictured on his way to a select committee meeting last night

A Liberal Democrat MP has been heavily criticised by party rank and file after he failed to attend the first reading of his own private members bill, in which he calls for the legalisation of cannabis in certain exceptional cases.

Called upon by The Whip’s office to explain his absence, Tony Hanratty, 42, and the member for Brixton South since 2003, addressed the house in a late night sitting last night.

Looking shaken and slightly disorientated he stated.

“Hahahahohohoho hehehehehe heeheeheehee hahahahaha I absolutely love you guys! Why is everybody looking at me? Hahahahahaha. Has anyone got any Monster Munch? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

Mr Hanratty then rushed towards The Speaker and kissed him on the lips before climbing onto the table. He then curled up next to The Mace and began snoring heavily.

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One response to “Pro-Cannabis MP Forgets To Attend Parliament

  1. Well I’ll be handing back my LibDem membership card asap I can tell you! Monster Munch – whatever next! In my day it was merely a nosebag of plain crisps.



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